Bansko ski hire – have the best ski holiday in Bansko

Most of the people nowadays do not know that skiing has a long and interesting history.

The earliest archaeological examples of skis were found in Russia and date to 6000 BCE. The modern skis we use these days evolved from beginnings in Scandinavia. Then starting in the mid-1800s skiing became a popular winter sport, becoming practiced in the resorts with snow-covered regions worldwide…

The first ski resort was Alta in Utah and Sun Valley in Idaho are among America’s first ski resorts, both having opened in the 1930s. The first chairlift was installed in Sun Valley in 1936 after its invention by Union Pacific Railway engineer James Curran.

As well as the Bansko resort, located in Bulgaria. It is well-known as the best place for skiing & snowboarding in the country. There you can feel the magic of the winter. Bansko is distinguished by great value for money and a cheerful atmosphere all its own.

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